Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Roof pitches and wedges

Mineral wool falls and roof wedges are special components used in construction to effectively drain water from the roof surface.
Mineral wool is a popular insulation material, but it is not waterproof on its own, so it is necessary to provide a rainwater drainage system.

Stone wool pitches are made of the same material as the roof insulation and are placed along the ridge and roof verges, creating a slope towards a gutter or other drainage system.
Their main purpose is to minimise the risk of flooding and damage by effectively draining rainwater.
Mineral wool falls also provide an additional layer of insulation, improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Stone wool roofing wedges are used at the joints between the roofing layers and elements that protrude above the roof surface, at chimneys, skylights etc.
They prevent the roofing felt and membrane from collapsing when working on attics, skylights or roof hatches.
It is important that both the mineral wool pitches and the roof wedges are correctly installed and suit the roof pitch.
Their installation should usually be carried out by an experienced roofing contractor to ensure effective drainage of rainwater, maintaining an even roof surface and minimising the risk of damage.

In summary, stone wool pitches and roof wedges are important components in a roof rainwater drainage system.
Mineral wool slopes drain water, minimising the risk of flooding and damage, while improving the energy efficiency of the building.
Roof wedges are used to smooth out irregularities and create an even roof surface. The proper installation of both of these elements is key to the effective and safe functioning of the roof.



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